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Thanksgiving Table Styling


Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to our design blog.


With the changing of the leaves and the drop in temperature, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year full of excellent food and enjoyable company. In today's post, we'll look at some ways to get your table styled for Thanksgiving dinner.

1: Be repetitive.

Using multiple of the same decor piece can help fill your table without looking cluttered. The pumpkins in the image above are similar enough to look organized, but different in size and color to add interest. This works well for long tables because the duplicate pieces will help to elongate the table and make it feel larger.

2. Add height to create a focal point.

Placing decor that varies in height makes your table look much more dynamic. Candles are an simple and economic way to achieve this. Be careful not to use too much height as it can be distracting and obtrusive for guests.

3. Remember to add some greenery.

Don't get me wrong, fall browns and reds are great, but they can become bland pretty fast. By adding green, you create a contrast with the browns and reds to have a more complete color palette. Remember, however, not to overwhelm your primary pieces by adding too much green.

4. Don't be afraid to use food as decor.

If your Thanksgiving meal is served family style, incorporate your serving dishes into the centerpiece decor. Organize your non-edible pieces around where the food dishes will go to create a unified, thoughtful look. Let your food shine by adding just the right amount of other other decor to supplement any void space.

5. Less is always more.

Be careful not to crowd your guests' eating space with an overload of decor. The decor should act as a complimentary piece for your meal and the guests at your table. While styling your table, always remember that it will look more full once your guests have drinks on the table and food on their plates.

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