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Quick Tips: Mantle Styling


Happy Friday everyone! And happy holidays!

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Throughout history, fireplaces have been in the center of our homes, and we have used them for cooking, warmth, and other essential needs. Though fireplaces are no longer a necessary tool for survival, they are still the natural focal point of a space.

In today's post, I will share three easy tips for styling your mantle according to your practical and aesthetic needs in order to round out the fireplace vignette. Don't have a fireplace? These tips can be easily applied to a bookshelf or console table that is pushed against a wall.

1: Start with an empty and clean mantle.

The best tip for styling anything is to start with nothing. This technique will help you reevaluate the area and envision what you need and want to see in the new space. It will also force you to physically notice the decor pieces you have so you can decide if they should be donated, replaced, or used in a different room. Sometimes, all a home needs is a reshuffling of decor throughout different rooms.

Photo: If this photo is yours, please let us know so we can give you credit!

2. Pick a focal item or type of item.

Will you use your mantle for showcasing a piece of artwork? Greenery and candlesticks? Flat screen TV? This item or group of items is used to accent the panel wall and balance the fireplace box. Deciding what the focus of the mantle will be is an important first step. This will prevent you from crowding the mantle which will ultimately overwhelm the entire fireplace vignette.

3. Round out the focal item with accompanying decor pieces.

Add layers and visual texture with smaller pieces around the focal item. For example, pairing a couple candle sticks on one side of the mantle will balance and soften the single piece of artwork hung on the panel wall. Remember the rule (guideline) of threes! Keep groups of items in odd amounts. This gives the appearance of order and organization which is visually more memorable and appealing. Again, be careful not to crowd your mantle. Dead space (white space) helps the eyes to rest because they are able to easily identify the focal point.

For more fireplace inspiration, check out our post, 10 Amazing Fireplaces. Happy styling!

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