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Your Experience, Our Design Process


Welcome to our design blog!

Today we will be talking about our design process.

This post will give you a window into what it's like to be one of our clients through an example project.


Maybe you want to completely remodel your kitchen, a couple bathrooms, or build an addition onto your home. Whether you want to keep the integrity of your 100-year-old home or start fresh, Leiht Design works with a wide variety of clients with many different goals. Here is a story describing a typical client experience!

Recently, Bill and Diane came to Leiht Design hoping to update their home in order to better suit them as they move towards retirement. They were considering building a larger garage, refreshing their kitchen, and building an addition. After they gave us a call, our design team met them at their home. Since we met them at their home, we were able to explore the home in order to get a better sense of their dreams for each space. The two hours we met with them flew by as we collaborated in making a list of all of their goals.

After this initial meeting, we visited their home again to thoroughly measure the entire space and take photographs. The amount of time this process takes is about an hour, but it can depend on the size of the home. We took our sketched plans back to the office, imported the measurements into our architectural software, and got to work!

Throughout the next few weeks, we developed a few design options for Bill and Diane and invited them to our office for the first design meeting. In this meeting, we showed them loose perspective sketches of their space (below). In addition, we showed them different floor plan options for each space.

Custom built-ins in existing living room

Opening up the kitchen and adding a backsplash

Addition space with a fireplace and privacy windows

During this meeting with Bill and Diane, they shared how their ideas aligned with our original sketches and regrouped from there. This feedback process helps us to create a curated space for our clients. For example, since Bill grew up on a farm, incorporating farmhouse details into their home was very important to them. After the meeting, we were able to use this feedback in order to create the final design.

At the next meeting, we presented Bill and Diane with completed final, photo-realistic renderings (below) of what their spaces could look like. We also prepared construction documents that could be used to build these spaces. This process is always fun because we get to craft every detail in order to suit the clients' personalities and lifestyles.

Final: Living room built-ins

Kitchen with shiplap wall and brick backsplash

Addition with custom brick fireplace and shiplap accent wall

Bill and Diane expressed how helpful it was to see their future home without having to start construction or do anything permanent. Once we knew they would be satisfied, we also discussed how much the project would cost to build because the estimate could be precise after our design process. Because Bill and Diane were motivated to start construction right away, we passed the project over to Leiht Restoration, our construction team.

To see photos of the process and finished construction, head over to our Instagram page and give us a follow!

*To protect the privacy of our clients, we chose to omit existing photographs of the home and use false names for this story.

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