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Tasteful Decorating for 4th of July


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Decorating your home with red, white, and blue can be tough. These colors are most likely not in your home's color scheme making it more difficult to make it look right. With 4th of July just around the corner, we thought if would be fun to share with you our top 3 tips for getting your home ready for the holiday.

Tip #1: It's all in the accessories.

Decorating for 4th of July doesn't mean you have to change the whole look of the space. Remember - 4th of July only happens one day out of the year. If it's not in your budget, please don't buy an American Flag printed sofa or paint your walls red for the occasion. Buy things that can be easily stored and have a minimal impact on your current space.
You will be much better off adding small bits of red, white, and blue with accessories. Try swapping a pillow or wall hanging with an American Flag pattern. Be careful as red, white, and blue can quickly swallow up the other colors in the space. Stand back and assess the space as a whole before adding more.

Tip #2: Go for a vintage or minimal look.

If you are hesitant about adding the strong, primary red and blue tones in your space - that's OK! Go for accessories that have faded red and blues for a softer impact. If you are still hesitant, go for a minimalist approach and have black and white or monochromatic interpretations of patriotic elements. This way, you can still have the classic 4th of July elements without distracting from your home's aesthetic style.

Tip #3: Don't decorate everywhere.

Like we mentioned above, 4th of July only affects a very small part of the entire year. Don't feel the need to add patriotic accessories in every room of the house. If you're hosting a BBQ, perhaps you add some festive pieces on your dining table, and maybe throw up a wall hanging in your entry. The colors and symbols associated with 4th of July are very easy to pick out because they are not normally used or seen throughout the rest year - don't go overboard!

Enjoy your weekend and 4th of July! We will be back next week!

- Leiht Design

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