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Summer BBQ Hosting Tips


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Summer time is here! We're dusting off our grills and patio furniture and spending some sweet, sweet time outdoors. One of the most enjoyable summer activities is the summer grill-out, and from the menu to the decor, we're going to show you how to have the best one on the block!

In today's blog, we will be incorporating tips from Jenni Kayne's blog post, "The Golden Rules of Entertaining". Jenni Kayne is a California-based lifestyle brand specializing in a minimal, simple, organic aesthetic.

Put yourself in your guests' shoes -

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What type of BBQ will you be hosting? Are you eating outdoors or indoors? Will you be serving buffet style, family style, or plated? Will the meal be mostly finger food so your guests can stand and eat? Will it be a more formal sit-down with silverware? Will you have activities other than dining for your guests to enjoy? Answering some of these questions can help you determine the setup and general flow of your gathering. Planning your event ahead of time will make the day even more enjoyable and easy going for everyone.
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Jenni Kayne first rule of entertaining is to be a guest at your own party. The more you plan ahead of time, the more you can relax and enjoy what you've prepared day-of. Set up stations so your guests can help themselves, or assign your guests to bring a certain dish, drink, or activity. This way, you can enjoy the time you have with your guests.

Seating! -

Make sure your seating is appropriate for what the gathering entails. If you're having a casual outdoor BBQ serviced buffet style, have a mix of soft comfortable seat groupings. If you're having a served or family style BBQ, table seating makes more sense. Are you having any activities before or after the meal? Think about your seating as it relates to those moments, too!
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Jenni Kayne recommends filling the center of your table with elements from the outside world. This helps to soften the table and makes for a more vibrant aesthetic. Jenni Kayne also recommends that you keep the greens natural and not to manicured or organized. This way, they mimic their natural state by looking organic and free-flowing.
Ultimately, your job as a host is to make sure your guests feel comfortable in your space. From your table setting to the menu, make sure you are taking into account how your guests will be experiencing the gathering. You don't have to go over-the-top and buy new themed plates, new linens, or spend frivolously on other things. Your event should feel like an extension of your personality. If you're relaxed, your guests will also be relaxed.

Enjoy your weekend! We will be back next week!

- Leiht Design

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