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10 Amazing Fireplaces


Welcome to our design blog!

Today, I picked out 10 stunning fireplaces

that might give you some inspiration for your space!


Fireplaces are typically the center of any home. Historically, fireplaces were used for cooking, keeping warm, drying clothes, as well as many other activities. Though many of these activities have been replaced by modern technology, the fireplace continues to be a favorable piece in many homes. In today's market, fireplaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Let's have a look at some awesome fireplaces!


The craftsmanship of the mantel and wainscoting on the panel of this fireplaces offer a classic aesthetic while the subdued color scheme is timeless. The brick surround beautifully plays off the neutral paint color. An original fireplace that is well taken care of and updated is a wonderful asset to a home.


This fireplace has a modern look with clean lines but its materials are rustic with high texture. The rustic textures add personality to the minimal aesthetic. The floating hearth is a unique detail that adds a bit of character to the space.


The chimney-like detail on the panel wall of this fireplace is beautiful. The curved lines add interest while the white color makes the form blend into the wall. The herringbone brick is another nice detail that draws your eye to the fireplace box.


This concrete fireplace is quite the focal point! The open wood storage within the raised hearth acts as a functional storage place and a display nook for the firewood. From a construction perspective, this would be more difficult to pull off, but it definitely adds an industrial vibe to this rustic cabin space.