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How To Pull Off Black Walls

Pulling off black walls; 10/26/2018

Happy Friday everyone!

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In this week's blog, we are going to show you how you can make black walls work in your house. These tips can be applied to any dark color, but we will be focusing on black shades.

1: Yes, there are many different shades of black.

Just like any other color, black can have different undertones. Using the right black can be a game changer in your space. For example, using a black with green undertones will create more harmony with your green accents rather than a black with blue undertones would.

2. Lighting is critical in a room with one or more black walls.

Powder room with black shiplap walls

Having enough light in your space is key because one or more black walls will absorb A LOT of light. A space with large amounts of daylight makes this job easy. The daylight will create even amounts of light in the space, eliminating shadows. Large amounts of shadowing in a room with dark walls creates a lot of dark void space, making the room feel small and unbalanced.

Did that picture look familiar? That's because it was from our post about Powder Rooms, check it out!


3. Furniture selection and placement can make a big difference.

Balancing black bedroom wall with light colored bed

It is important to balance the strength and boldness of black walls with equally strong furniture. A piece of furniture can be strong and still light in color. Like the image above, the bed, being the strongest piece of furniture in this space, has a light color palette which helps to balance the black wall behind it.

4. Work with your wall hangings and accessories.

Using white gallery wall to balance black office walls

Accessories are always there to save the day. Select accessories and wall hangings that are lighter in color (even better if they are mostly white). Notice how the image above uses a gallery wall that is mostly white. This will help to soften the black walls and blur any contrasting separations between the furniture and the wall.

Photo: If this photo is yours, let us know so we can give you credit!


Balance is the most important part of successfully pulling off black walls in a space. Everything from the shade of black to lighting needs to be carefully considered. If the space is not balanced properly, the black walls will swallow up the room. The image above features a nice amount of daylight, strong sectional sofa, and a large light colored area rug. Black walls might not suit everyone's taste, but when done right, they can make a space feel beautifully harmonized.

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