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Closer Look: Accent Light


Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to our design blog.


In this week's blog, we are going to be continuing our Closer Look series to talk about accent lighting. If you haven't read our previous blog about layers of light, I recommend reading that first. We also have another blog post discussing ambient light and task light.

As explained in our Layers of Light blog, accent light is used to highlight or draw attention to a certain area, object, or architectural element within a space. Accent lighting can range from fully functional to fully aesthetic applications. Since the application can vary, accent light fixtures could also be classified as ambient or task light. Here are some ways to achieve the appropriate level of accent light in a needed area:

1: LED Tape Lights

LED tape lights are your best friend when it comes to concealed lighting. LED tape lights can be used to highlight the architecture inside your home. They can also have a dramatic impact on the style and feel of the space. In a kitchen. LED tape lights are a fantastic way to add light without having to worry about seeing the fixture itself. Most applications use LED tape for under-cabinet lighting, but it is also interesting to use them above your cabinets (task lighting), in the toe-kick, or under an island overhang.

Photo: If this is your photo, please send us an email so we can give you credit!

2. Exterior Lighting

Accent lighting doesn't just stop inside your home. You can tactfully add light to the exterior of your home to add dimension to the architecture at night. There are many types of outdoor light fixtures for different applications, styles, and lighting needs. Extending those lighting techniques into your yard and landscaped areas can have this same effect.

3. Statement Fixtures

Yes, accent lighting is used to highlight architecture, artwork, and landscaping, but it can also be used as an accent piece itself. Using a dramatic chandelier, modern wall sconces, or artistic pendants can create a focal point within a space. In the image above, modern pendants hung at varied heights create a nice contrast against the ornate stair details.

Always remember, lighting is a crucial part of any space's aesthetic. Lighting can also have a drastic impact on the occupant's mood and emotions. This post concludes our Closer Look Lighting series. Let us know in the comments if you want to see more posts like the Closer Look series in the future!

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