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Hosting for the Holidays


Happy Friday everyone! And happy December!

Welcome to our design blog.


For some, the holiday season can be filled with travel. For others, it can be filled with preparations for hosting those far away guests. Make sure your guests feel at home during their stay with a few essential touches for every room.

1: Foyer & Entryway

Treat this room as a drop zone for your guests' shoes, coats, scarves, and mittens. The space needs to be clean and decluttered since it is the first space your guests will experience. If you have an open built-in or storage area, make sure you have some empty space in your bins, hooks, and hangers for your guests' items. If you don't have storage space, make sure to direct your guests where to put their things during their stay.

2. Kitchen

Because everyone organizes their kitchens differently, make snacks and drinks easily accessible to your guests. Try sitting out a bowl of fresh fruit or plate of snacks on your counter. Also, think about styling a coffee and tea station or bar cart for your guests. Kitchen vignettes that involve food and decor are a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

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3. Living Room

Provide enough seating for your all of your guest to enjoy each other's company in the living room. Set out books, magazines, or other activities for your guests to use. Make sure you have appropriate task lighting by adding table and floor lamps where necessary. Always remember that every seat should have a table with a coaster nearby to set a drink.

4. Bedroom

In the bedroom, make sure there is a place for guests to put their bag or suitcase. Go one step further and provide empty dresser drawers or closet closet space for guest to unpack their clothes. If the bed is larger than a twin, always remember to put a bedside table on both sides of the bed, if there is enough room. Also, be sure there is an outlet or extension cord access near each side of the bed for charging phones and other devices. For an added touch, set out clean towels for the bathroom. These are all conveniences your guests will appreciate.

5. Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, make sure everyday toiletries are easily accessible and visible. Storing cotton rounds, q-tips, and other items in glass jars can be a functional vignette. Be sure your countertop surfaces are decluttered and have minimal decor. This gives room for your guests to comfortably use the bathroom sink without feeling intrusive.

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