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Quick Tips: Bathroom Design


Happy Friday everyone! And happy holidays!

Welcome to our design blog.


Bathrooms can often be a complex space to design. Finishes and fixtures should be stylish but also functional and practical. To continue our Quick Tips series, I will be sharing some design tips to get the most out of your bathroom. While there are many technical details to consider in a bathroom, today we will be looking at these three important areas:

1: Lighting

Lighting is an essential element to any well-designed bathroom. In order to have enough light to perform self-care routines and eliminate shadowing in the mirror, install a light source pointing down onto the vanity along with sconce lights on either side of the mirror . This placement shines the most light around the face, eliminating shadows, as well as adding a lovely focal point to the space.

Photo: If this photo is yours, please let us know so we can give you credit!

2. Storage

Storage is key to bathroom functionality. No matter how well-designed, a cluttered bathroom is never appealing. Closed storage is your best bet to eliminate the mess of essential bathroom items. Try maximizing your drawer space with acrylic drawer organizers. If you have floor space, try rolling your towels and placing them in a basket.

Photo: If this photo is yours, please let us know so we can give you credit!

3. Functional Vignettes

To reiterate a note from our last post, Hosting for the Holidays, small vignettes are perfect for larger countertop spaces. For example, you could combine a potted plant, jar of q-tips, and room spray on a small tray and place in the corner of your vanity. Having a vignette on your countertop adds a purposeful touch of design and can also be very functional.

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