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2019 Design Resolutions


Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to our design blog.


The space we live in can have a big influence on our attitude, motivation, and outlook on life. Just as we work to better ourselves through meditation, diet, or exercise, don't forget about the spaces your interact with on daily basis. With the beginning of the new year, create spaces in your home that you want to be in because they reflect your style and personality.

1: Find your personal design style.

Intentionally develop your own design style. Make a photo collection of interior spaces or architecture that inspire you. Think about why those images inspire you and write down what aspects you like best and why. Use this list to piece together your design style. Then apply this style; find similar furniture and accessories that fit your newfound aesthetic and add them to your home! Over time, you will learn to recognize your unique style and make design decisions when selecting and styling pieces for your home.

Next week, we will be dedicating a whole post to finding your design style!

2. Restyle the rooms in your house that feel tired and outdated.

Take a walk through every major space in your house. Does this space reflect your personality and design style? Does the room feel welcoming and balanced? If not, switch it up! Start small by rearranging small decor pieces on tables or shelves with pieces from other rooms. Try doing the same with the artwork on the walls. Sometimes that's all it takes to liven up a space. But if this doesn't quite do it, maybe it's time to invest in a new area rug, paint color, or furniture. Leiht Design, your experts in home renovation. :)

3. Declutter all bookshelves, cabinets, closets, and storage bins in your house.

Open shelving, bookcases, and mantles are not meant to be crammed full of things. Take out everything on a shelf in each room and make piles for keeping, giving away, and throwing away. Then, begin styling the pieces from the keep pile back on the shelf. Add in picture frames, vases, and greenery for a texture and interest. Being intentional in styling open spaces like shelves can make a cluttered space feel purposeful and beautiful.

4. Find a place for everything, and keep everything in its place.

From my own experience, I have learned that whenever there is a dedicated place for something, it makes it easier to keep the home in order. A simple, often overlooked, example would be having a place to keep your keys when you are home. Place a tray, bowl, or hang hooks near your door. By creating a place for your keys, you will be more likely to put them in their place at the end of the day. This helps keep your home organized, eliminate clutter, and lets the pretty things shine.

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