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Best Spaces: The Entry


Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to our design blog.


Today, let's talk about the entryway of your home. From having just a few hooks inside the front door to having a grand foyer, the entry is an essential space in the home. Here are ten entryways that we love!

# 1

The entryway is the handshake and the hug of your home, so make it comfortable by providing functional areas like seating to take off your shoes and somewhere to hang your keys.

Photo: Cost Plus World Market

# 2

This closed storage can hide a whole lot of clutter without taking up too much space.

Photo: McGee & Co.

# 3

Architectural elements can have a dramatic first impression. You can achieve a similar effect with a statement chandelier, too.

Photo: Lindsey Brooke Designs

# 4

A properly styled entry table is the key to a balanced entryway! Mirrors, trays, lamps, or plants grouped into small vignettes are your go-to when it comes to finishing your entry table.

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 5

Always let your personal design style shine through! Don't know what yours is? Check out our recent blog post called 'What Is My Design Style?'.

Photo: Rejuvenation

# 6

Pillows, blankets, and accessories transform this ordinary entryway into to a cozy, welcoming space. The open shelving under the bench is a great storage solution.


# 7

Challenge yourself to keep it clean and simple without losing functionality.

Photo: Almost Makes Perfect

# 8

A little green goes a long way. Liven up your entryway by adding a potted plant or two.

Photo: Domaine Homes

# 9

This smaller entryway sacrifices no style by adding texture and statement pieces.

Photo: RTG Design

# 10

Statement wallpaper and art can add a 'wow' factor to your entryway.


As we know from life, first impressions are everything! Just as you wouldn't skip a proper introduction, pay attention to what your entryway is saying about your home. Keep these tips in mind as you consider the spaces in your home and how they can be improved!

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