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Closer Look: White Oak


Happy Friday, everyone!

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White oak cabinetry and casework are quickly growing in popularity. In our last post, Best Spaces: The Kitchen, we featured a few kitchens with white oak cabinets we loved. But white oak doesn't stop at cabinets; it is also being used in flooring, doors, and accents. Its neutral warmth makes it a perfect addition to any space. Let's dissect the details and learn why white oak is working in so many places.

White oak can be minimal and modern without feeling cold.

Black and white is clean and contemporary, but lacks warmth (surprise!). White oak is the perfect addition to this palette because it maintains the minimalist sophistication of black and white while giving it a texture and coziness these colors couldn't have standing alone.

Photo: Instagram: lindsay_hill_interiors

It helps ground other elements in the space.

Like most, we love a 'white and light' space, especially in the kitchen. While these spaces are trendy and can be designed successfully, it's easy to get lost in the white. White oak cabinetry and flooring act as an anchor and breaks up a monochromatic color scheme.

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

White oak acts as a neutral color base to build upon.

It's like the blue jeans of your home - goes with everything! White oak is the perfect starting place to finish the rest of the space with furniture, artwork, and accessories. Another great thing about white oak is it will make the whites look brighter and blacks look darker giving you tons of options.

It can soften high contrast areas in a space.

This photo is a great example of how white oak makes black and white pop. It also does a nice job at softening any high contrast materials. In this kitchen, for example, the black and white theme is strong, but the white oak helps to warm it up and make it more inviting.

White oak is a beautiful, neutral wood texture that works well in any space. We hope to see this trend will be around for a while!

Have a great weekend!

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