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Best Spaces: Wedding Venues


Happy Friday and everyone!

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This week for 'Best Spaces' we are departing from the ordinary and taking a closer look at wedding venues! We love to see the creativity being poured into making a beautiful place shine for someone's special day. The term 'wedding venue' can apply to just about anywhere, from a church to a greenhouse, a home or way out in the middle of the woods. Let's take a look at some great spaces!

# 1

It's hard to tell exactly what this space is, but wow is it gorgeous! The sweeping curves of the archways and staircase give this hall a sense of whimsy that is any bride's dream. This venue really highlights the architecture and contrasting elements of the space; only minimal decor is needed to make this place wedding-ready.

Photo: Wedding Forward

# 2

Again, the architecture does the leg work. The high vaulted ceilings and rustic elements bring a sense of warmth and romance, while the greenery livens up the otherwise monochrome colors.


# 3

This greenhouse/conservatory boasts effortless beauty. Natural light is in no short supply and the floral arrangements truly take this venue to the next level. No color scheme is even necessary when you have a space like this!

Photo: The Venue Report

# 4