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Best Spaces: Wedding Venues


Happy Friday and everyone!

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This week for 'Best Spaces' we are departing from the ordinary and taking a closer look at wedding venues! We love to see the creativity being poured into making a beautiful place shine for someone's special day. The term 'wedding venue' can apply to just about anywhere, from a church to a greenhouse, a home or way out in the middle of the woods. Let's take a look at some great spaces!

# 1

It's hard to tell exactly what this space is, but wow is it gorgeous! The sweeping curves of the archways and staircase give this hall a sense of whimsy that is any bride's dream. This venue really highlights the architecture and contrasting elements of the space; only minimal decor is needed to make this place wedding-ready.

Photo: Wedding Forward

# 2

Again, the architecture does the leg work. The high vaulted ceilings and rustic elements bring a sense of warmth and romance, while the greenery livens up the otherwise monochrome colors.


# 3

This greenhouse/conservatory boasts effortless beauty. Natural light is in no short supply and the floral arrangements truly take this venue to the next level. No color scheme is even necessary when you have a space like this!

Photo: The Venue Report

# 4

Are you sensing a theme? We're showing spaces that have great architectural bones. It makes a huge difference! Imagine this venue with a flat ceiling with nothing but recessed lighting. This ceiling makes all the difference for this beautiful wedding reception under the stars.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

# 5

This cathedral combines tradition with contemporary architecture. Like some of the others, it truly speaks for itself.

Photo: Sarah Ainsworth Photography

# 6

This venue is shows how to create and highlight architectural interest. The string lights wrapped around the beams highlight the structure and the canopy creates a vaulting effect! No matter the space, it can be made beautiful with attention to detail and decor as demonstrated in this space.

Photo: ModWedding

# 7

Here's another gorgeous greenhouse reception. Unexpected venues make memorable weddings, and we love the creativity demonstrated in this place! No matter the weather, guests will feel like they are outdoors while also enjoying the luxury of this indoor space.

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 8

If you're Iowans like us, you're familiar with barns. But most barns don't naturally look like this. A venue like this really highlights the personality of the couple while not sacrificing any sort of comfort or style. Also, exposed ceiling and beams are here to stay!

Photo: Bow Tie Collaborative

# 9

Keeping on the topic of renovated barns and highlighting architectural interest, we were shocked to learn that this space is actually a renovated hayloft! Being willing to think outside the box often leads to great places, and this wedding venue is a testament to that.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar

# 10

A wedding can truly happen anywhere. With a beautiful residence as a backdrop to this scene, this venue stands out.

Photo: Bella Collina

Most of these venues featured minimal decoration in a space that stood out for its architecture. We can apply these principles to design of homes in addition to the selection of wedding venues. So whether you're engaged, married, or in another stage of life, we hope you can appreciate these beautiful spaces.

Congratulations to Leiht Design's owner, Aaron Thiel, and his new wife, Susan, on their marriage today!

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