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8 Ways To Feel Relaxed In Your Master Bedroom


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The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in a home. No matter what the day brings, it can be a place to let your guard down, and unwind. Building the right environment around you is key in helping you feel rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. Let's have a look at some ways to make the most of your master bedroom.

Invest in a great mattress and amazing linens.

Defined color palette

No matter how great your space looks, it needs to be comfortable. Splurging on your mattress and linens gives you the sleep you need to feel your best during the day. Plus, your linens will keep their shape and survive so many more washes than an inexpensive set.

If you're looking for quality linens, check out Comphy brand sheets. They are eco-friendly, last 2-3 times longer than normal sheets, and have a great feel.

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Have a defined color palette.

The last thing you want in a master bedroom is bright, full-hued colors that are straining to the eyes. Keep the base neutral with whites, creams, grays, or blacks, then accent with subdued, restrained color.

Introduce pattern and texture.

Pattern and texture help break-up the space and give the room some personality. Don't get carried away and risk having a disorganized space. Choose patterns with a similar color palette and similar fabric types.

Add pillows, more pillows, and a throw blanket.

Layer 3 or 5 decorative pillows in varying sizes against your sleeping pillows. Decorative pillows define the bed as the focal point of the space and add dimension to an otherwise flat surface. Add a throw blanket across the foot of the bed to finish off the look.

Pro Tip: When shopping for a throw - If your comforter is a solid color, pick a blanket that is patterned or highly textured, but if your comforter is patterned, pick a blanket that is a solid color.

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If you have a smaller space, go for a metal bed frame.

A metal bed frame will take up less visual space in the room, making the bed feel smaller. Increase the effect by letting the frame be a contrasting element to the rest of the space. It will visually define and box-in the bed even more.

In you have tall ceilings, consider a canopy style bed.

Again...a canopy bed in a tall room will visually define and ground the bed which is the focal point of a master bedroom! Otherwise, your eye doesn't know where to look and the bed becomes lost in the expansiveness of the room.

Step your lighting game by using the right artificial sources.

Break the habit of turning on your overhead light unless you've lost something or need to clean. At a minimum, each side of the bed needs a table with a lamp on it. Go a step further and add a floor lamp in the opposite corner and another table lamp on a dresser.

Pro Tip: Use a slightly warmer color temperature in the bedroom! This is critical in your body's ability to fall asleep and wake up in the morning. Read our post about circadian rhythm here.

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If you have outdoor access, use it!

Nothing says to relax more than spending time in nature. Having a space off the master suite to enjoy your morning coffee will definitely get your day started on the right foot.

How do you like to unwind at the end of the day?

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