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A Designer's Guide to Table Styling


Happy Friday and Happy April!

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A well-styled table can make you feel like royalty, no matter the meal at hand. While table styling is important to consider when planning a dinner party or wedding, these tips can be applied to your everyday as well. Even simple table styling is a great way to refresh your daily routine and add some beauty/design to your life this spring!

Here are some simple tips and tricks to maximize your table's style.

Back to Basics

Let's start with the proper table setting, a foundation for the 'tablescaping' we'll talk about next. There are many different setting types from European to variations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The graphic above shows casual and formal table settings. Although the casual setting is the most common, it's useful to know the purpose of all the different types of utensils, just in case!

Photo: Buzzfeed

The Focal Point

A great tool for design, any design, is an interesting focal point. If you're having a more formal event, consider a fresh bouquet as a centerpiece. However, fresh flowers don't last very long and aren't always suitable for the day to day. Some alternatives include a grouping of tall candles, a vase with dried greenery, longer-lasting plants like succulents, or a tray with varied decorations.

Layers on Layers

Table cloths, runners, place mats, and charger plates do a lot of leg work in adding interest and ornament to your table. Although having all of these decorations can air on the side of extravagance, they can all be implemented simply.

Height and Variation

Placing decor that varies in height makes your table look much more dynamic. To achieve this, offset your tall items with smaller, chunkier decor. However, be careful not to use too much height as it can be distracting and obtrusive to guests.

Remember Texture and Greenery

This napkin styling has some great design elements that can be applied anywhere else. The linen napkin acts as a neutral base, the leather strap adds contrasting color, and the sprig adds an organic and fresh element to top it off! For a different application of the same concept, start with a neutral colored table cloth, bring in some contrasting plates or tablecloths and finish with greenery as a centerpiece!

Less is More

Be careful not to crowd your guests' eating space with an overload of decor. While styling your table, always remember that it will look more full once your guests have drinks on the table and food on their plates. This simple table setting emphasizes comfort and style, and is achievable to anyone!

How a table is styled can have a significant impact. From fancy dinner parties with your friends to the daily meal you may share with your loved ones, these tips help you to escape the mundane and add a little life to a routine!

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