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Update Your Home With These 5 Paint Tricks


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Paint color is one of the biggest ways to transform a room. Changing the color of a wall, ceiling, or built-in can dramatically transform the emotional quality of the room. Although painting a room may seem like an simple fix, there are a few tips and tricks to consider before you take it on.

#1. Learn about the of Psychology of Color.

Believe it or not, a room's color plays a huge role in the way we emotionally perceive a space. For example, blue is typically calming while red can evoke energy. The concepts of color psychology go deeper than just the meanings of certain colors. There is a large relationship between the way we perceive color and the change of the seasons. For example, we might feel drawn to brighter colors in the spring and summer, and darker, inky colors in the winter.

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Photo: Coco Lapine Design

#2. Keep other elements of the room in mind.

The key to a successful room repainting is how well the color compliments and uplifts other pieces on the room. For example, if you notice you have accents of light pink in your accessories, think about painting the walls a similar color. This way, the pink from your accessories is drawn out and brought into focus within the entire room. Of course, you don't have to be this literal when selecting paint colors, but it is important to pick your paint color based on the room elements rather than what paint chips you like at the store.