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Best Spaces: Outdoor Living


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This week we are returning to our 'Best Spaces' series and heading outdoors! As summer begins and the weather is improving (sometimes), time in the outdoors in time well spent. Today we're taking a look at some homes that have prioritized their outdoor spaces and made them a place to relax and enjoy nature and great design. Let's take a look!

# 1

This outdoor fire pit is integrated seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This space is functional; a modern twist on a simple concept. Also, trending in outdoor furniture right now: white cushions. Beautiful....let's just hope they are washable!

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 2

Focal points can be incorporated into any design. This ceramic tile is the perfect accent on this deck and really takes its design to the next level!

Photo: Apartment Therapy

# 3

This space proves that accessories and decor are important, even outdoors. String lights are always a good idea, and the more potted plants the better! Your outdoor space is the perfect place to go bold with pattern, get creative with seating solutions (these look like they have storage), and mix and match colors.

Photo: The Fresh Exchange

# 4

Here are two versions of successful outdoor furniture styling on a bright and cheery porch. The first option is great for lounging and entertaining with a more relaxed vibe. The second is geared more towards sharing a meal or grilling out. Either option uses a strong color concept that utilizes contrast and texture. They're both awesome! Which is your favorite?

Photo: If these are your photos, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 5

This tile!! Tile is another great example of bold pattern in an outdoor space. While this arrangement is simple, the furniture selections and landscaping really make it stand out!

Photo: @em_henderson

# 6

Here is a more minimalist approach to an outdoor space. This concept is modernized by strong lines and a cool color scheme, but still looks comfortable and inviting. Additionally, outdoor space is always made better by landscaping and greenery. Potted plants are a great option to accessorize and liven up any outdoor area!

Photo: Nordis Krum

# 7

This outdoor kitchen project is part of Budapest University's Odoo Project for solar and sustainable design. Your outdoor space is a perfect place to utilize solar design elements like solar powered lights and recycled materials! Solar design ranges anywhere from solar powered tea lights to photo-voltaic cells that can power your entire home. Be kind to the earth while you enjoy time outdoors!

# 8

Wow. This outdoor retreat by Studio Life.Style is perfect. Contrast, texture, and pattern work are working as a team to create a space that pops. Beyond the design, this looks like a place to unwind and relax...especially on those awesome hanging sofas!

Photo: Studio Life.Style

# 9

Here's another contemporary outdoor space. Again, the strong lines of this pergola accent this comfortable, multi-functional deck. Two separated furniture arrangements serve different purposes and have their own feel. And those chairs look like a great place to hang out!

Photo: Three Birds Renovations

# 10

This Japanese landscape design is aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. Historically, the Japanese have strongly valued the outdoors and utilizing it to improve their lives.

"Garden designs are accompanied by Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas, avoid artificial ornamentation, and highlight the natural landscape. Plants and worn, aged materials are generally used by Japanese garden designers to suggest an ancient and faraway natural landscape, and to express the fragility of existence as well as time's unstoppable advance."

What a great concept to build off of!

We hope this blog post has inspired you to enjoy some time outdoors! Enjoy your weekend! Happy designing!

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