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Best Spaces: The Kitchen


Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome to our design blog.


We love kitchens. Out of all the rooms in your home, a well-designed kitchen adds the most value. What makes them so exciting is the endless combinations of fixtures, styles, and materials that can be used to create a beautiful and functional space (two of our favorite words here at Leiht Design). That being said, we've compiled a list of 10 awesome kitchens that inspire the work we do.

# 1

This kitchen perfectly combines rustic and modern. From the polished concrete and textured glass to the iron accents, every detail makes this kitchen warm and inviting.

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 2

Statement pieces like this incredible vent hood and swoon-worthy pendant lighting make this kitchen a place we want to be.

Photo: If this is your photo, please let us know so we can give you credit!

# 3

As you may have seen on our 2019 Design Trend Predictions, white oak is in. And this beautiful kitchen shows us exactly why.

Photo: CLB Architects and Commune

# 4

Dark statement cabinets pair well with light counter tops and accents. In addition, great views to the outdoors like this skylight-glass door feature can instantly add value and character to any home.

Photo: Sebring

# 5

White oak, marble, and that oven. Need I say more? The combo in this room is absolutely gorgeous.

Photo: C Estes Design

# 6

Texture and color make this kitchen a knockout. Also, the eclectic pieces chosen for this space soften the modern look.

Photo: Fisher and Paykel

# 7

This country kitchen feels timeless and homey with the help of wood textures, warm gray, and some killer accents.

Photo: House of Harper

# 8

Light and airy kitchens will always be timeless. The open shelving here combined with the distressed wood on the island really sets this kitchen apart.

Photo: Coco Kelly

# 9

A kitchen can never have too much storage. The luxury of this kitchen can be seen in its double island, high quality materials, and openness. I wonder how they'll style those open shelves!

Photo: The House of Silver Lining

# 10

And last, but certainly not least, this industrial kitchen is doing everything right. The mixed metals work!

Photo: Smith Hanes Studio

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If that's true, special care and consideration should be placed into making it a space that's beautiful. We hope these kitchens have inspired you as much as they have us!

Have a great weekend!

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